Life Shapers is an Integrated Healing & Training Centre for Growing & Enriching your Relationships & Personal wellness.

Relationships are priceless treasures which are always built upon our emotions and conversations. As time passes by, the good moments are easily replaced with heated arguments, blame games or a long silence. When an argument is not handled well it generates intense feelings and emotional hurts which are often left unresolved. These collectively causes complex entanglements that are far beyond one’s ability to untangle on his/her own. We never do so intentionally but most of us are underequipped to deal with the relationship challenges. “Life Shapers” presents customized training, counselling and integrated healing solutions to resolve both silence and violence which may exist in relationships thereby making your relationships harmonious and more meaningful.
All our programs always begin only after thorough need analysis & customization.


Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Transformational training! Loved every minute of it! I plan to put everything I learned into practice as soon as I get back to my work, if not sooner!

Mapping Your Success Route Participant, Businessman

My sincere gratitude to Life Shapers family. Thank you for your support, guidance, and mentoring me throughout the period of my therapy journey.

Home Maker, consultations and therapies client

Enjoyed attending, exercises were simply great and the materials are easy to follow, with regular updates by emails. As parents, we felt included in the process.

Intelligent Parenting Training Participant, Mother of 9 year old boy

It was quite a learning experience; I began utilizing his techniques from next day of my training with wonderful results with my child, Thanks a lot Life Shapers and especially Mr. Amit Kapadia for sharing such deep treasures of knowledge and experiences with us.

Intelligent Parenting Participant, Father of 5 &8 Year old

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