Life Shapers is an Integrated Healing & Training Centre for Personal Growth & Development.

Personal Growth is about getting better at what we do, strengthening decision making & implementation skills, enhancing self confidence, improving our relationships, being behaviorally stable, gaining more depth and wisdom as a person and much more... We all have immense potentials & energy within us for growing but more often than not we fail to grow to our fullest, for reasons unknown to us. This never means we cannot grow or we are mentally unfit. The reasons for why we do what we do lie deep within us and they unconsciously influence our physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, relating and performing abilities. Good news is that we can enrich quality of our living.
The wise become aware of their thinking, feelings, beliefs, behaviors & actions that block them from excelling in life, they take responsibility to correct & transform their realities. Remember, that one can succeed only when causes of failing are completely resolved. Consultants & Therapists at Life Shapers work with you to discover and resolve such deep-rooted causes which control you below your awareness and can neither be found on your own nor can it be solved by reading self-help books or by speaking to your well wishers. Life Shapers' dynamic programs are designed not only to resolve whatever blocks your growth but also enables you implement new skills of self-management. Life Shapers encourages you to take ONE step forward to skyrocket your journey of personal growth & development.
Since Life is multidimensional, it is possible that you may be facing challenges in more than one area of life at same time. Select the area where you are facing highest challenges and rest will be taken care. Performance, Relationship and Health are all interconnected facets of life and thus can never be resolved in isolation; for example - a person having Relationship challenges is most likely to face performance issues in his workplace and vice versa. Life Shapers understands this and ensures you that anyone and everyone can benefit from Life Shapers' Training, Life Coaching & Therapeutic Solutions; even you can, if growth is your priority in life. Individuals, Couples, Parents, Students, Job-seekers, Business Owners, Professionals and Educational Institutions seek our services to rise to desired and deserved next level of Life.


Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Transformational training! Loved every minute of it! I plan to put everything I learned into practice as soon as I get back to my work, if not sooner!

Mapping Your Success Route Participant, Businessman

My sincere gratitude to Life Shapers family. Thank you for your support, guidance, and mentoring me throughout the period of my therapy journey.

Home Maker, consultations and therapies client

Enjoyed attending, exercises were simply great and the materials are easy to follow, with regular updates by emails. As parents, we felt included in the process.

Intelligent Parenting Training Participant, Mother of 9 year old boy

It was quite a learning experience; I began utilizing his techniques from next day of my training with wonderful results with my child, Thanks a lot Life Shapers and especially Mr. Amit Kapadia for sharing such deep treasures of knowledge and experiences with us.

Intelligent Parenting Participant, Father of 5 &8 Year old

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