Life Shaper's Central Theme

Life Shapers breaks through one's internal obstacles to learning, performance, leadership, relationships and healthy wellbeing. Life Shapers is an Integrated Healing & Mind Transformation Centre for Powerful Performance, Success, Relationships & Healthy Living; founded in Mumbai, India, in 2011 by Amit Vijay Kapadia as an initiative to advance human wellness in our society. Life Shapers renders Integrated Scientific Healing, Training & Transpersonal Coaching solutions by resolving the invisible subconscious aspects of thinking, feeling, emotions and belief systems that are responsible for one's under-performance, success-lack, strained-relationships, undesirable-behaviours, unknown-fears, unlikeable-patterns, poor team building abilities, compulsions, addictions, worthlessness, stress and also unexplained-pains which are otherwise not responding to medical protocols. Life Shapers thus facilitates a positive difference in essential concerns of human life.

Life Shapers central theme emphasizes that Life is decisional and is shaped by one's own subconscious decisions; based on an astounding fact that all our outer world success and realities are a mere reflection of our own inner world processes. Our realities are determined by our own invisibles like multiple inner programs of past, unresolved hurts and traumas, motives, emotions, feelings, beliefs, attitude and even more. Fortunately these subconscious decisions can be changed by experiencing, understanding and by resolving the original source of decision formation. Life Shapers facilitates resolution of these invisibles to definitely raise life to next desired level.

Life Shapers complies with its values, service protocols and management standards on its mission towards the vision under the direction of its founder Amit Vijay Kapadia. Life Shapers systematically integrates complex tools and concepts from various Psychodynamic modalities like Transactional Analysis, Inner Child Integration, Past Life Regression, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Gestalt, Systemic Constellation, Metaphor Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Psychocybernetics, Energy work and from timeless lessons of Success, Relationships and Leadership thus enabling generations to accomplish a successful life of wellness.

Life Shapers focus the causes, not the effects of your problems. Life Shapers provides tools for people just like you from all cultures of life. Be it business owners, professionals, corporate houses, community groups, educational institutions, families, students, job seekers, trainees or housewives; they all benefit. Life Shapers offers experiential programs to outclass human wellness through Workshops & Training Programs, Consultations & Therapy Programs and Transpersonal Coaching Programs to affect positive Performance, Leadership, Relationships, Parenting, Health and thereby success in both personal and professional spectrum of life.

Life Shapers redirects such invisibles of your subconscious to dramatically transform the way you see yourself, your loved ones, your success definitions, your surroundings, and the world in its entirety. These new ways of responding will bring you excellence, mind-body harmony, inner peace, poise, joy, confidence and much more... to change your realities. Remember that only by balancing all 8 facets of your life; encompassing Physical, Emotional and Mental Health, Relationships, Career & Occupation, Wealth & Assets, our Environment and Spirituality; ensures a true wellness.

Life Shaper's Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish a "Life Shapers Foundation for Psycho-Spiritual Transformation" that will continue to serve as an international platform for exclusive Healing, Training & Transpersonal Coaching programs to resolve the invisibles of subconscious thus transforming lives. The foundation will also have its own school which will impart Life Navigating Education and generate professionals who will continue this revolutionary mission of advancing human wellness.

Life Shaper's Mission Statement

Life Shapers transforms mindsets of the willing souls to encourage human wellness for living a powerful 360* successful life. Life Shapers emphasizes that Life is decisional and is shaped by one's own subconscious decisions; fortunately one can change these subconscious decisions and once re-decided, can break through internal obstacles to own the innate resourcefulness and live a Happy and Winning Life; with this as a central theme Life Shapers constantly endeavors with its network of qualified team members to aid a Life Transformation for individuals, families, corporate houses, community groups and educational institutions through Integrated Scientific Healing, Training & Transpersonal Coaching Programs, devised to unleash one's fullest potentials for personal and professional excellence.

Life Shapers' Core Values:

Life Shaper's Core Values revolve around Integrity, Professionalism, Altruism, Continual Enrichment and Equality.

  • Integrity :

    Life Shapers' foundation stone is its Ethics that earns trust and dependability by completing every assignment with fairness and honesty.

  • Professionalism :

    Life Shapers earns respect through commitment to excellence through dedicated efforts & result oriented action that maximizes client's satisfaction.

  • Altruistic :

    Life Shapers believes in value creation thus selflessly achieves wellness for the community.

  • Continual Enrichment :

    Life Shapers' team enriches both personally and professionally through continuous upgradation of their knowledge and ensuring its implementation.

  • Equality :

    Life Shapers adapts "I AM OK, YOU ARE OK" principle; where relations are made with an equality approach and that becomes a source of joy.

Life Shapers' Structure & Team Members

Life Shapers works in a teamwork-oriented culture wherein team members cooperate to further the organization's objectives, often placing these objectives ahead of their own. Life Shapers encourages collaborative work environment for its members to often work closely enough so that they know and understand each other's functions. Life Shapers' team has continually increased its efficiency through teambuilding & teamwork that holds a highly valuable place. Let's have a quick look at the names of our master minds behind the entire show.

Amit Vijay Kapadia Founder & Thinker-in-Chief
  Principal Trainer, Therapist & Transpersonal Coach
  Heads - Planning & Infrastructural Operations
    Systems & Process Designing
    Branding & Commercial Designing
    Content Designing & Copy Writing
    Products & Services Development
    Trainers, Therapists & Coaches Development
Vijay Kapadia Heads - Finance & Costing
  Advisor - Strategic Decisions
Dhanpal Bhoota Heads - Taxation & Legal Aspects
Kamlesh Mehta Heads - Commercial Designing & Photography
  Assists - Branding
Prasad Tawade Heads - Electronic Data Processing {EDP}
  Assists - Systems & Process Designing
    Content Management
Trisha Caetano Advisor - Therapeutic Coaching & Training Structure
Ajit Karve Visiting Trainer, Therapist & Transpersonal Coach
  Advisor - Organizational Coaching & Training Structure
Suresh Menon Visiting Trainer
Ms. Minal S. Visiting Therapist
Rucha Shukla Heads - HR & Training,
    Participants & Clients Backup Cell
  Assists Planning & Infrastructural Operations
    Copy Writing
Namita Kapadia Heads - Administration
  Assists - Participants & Clients Backup Cell
Hitesh Jhaveri Heads - Public Relations
  Assists - Marketing, Sales & Event Management
Bhavika R. Heads - Marketing, Sales & Event Management
Bhagwan Londhe Assists - Administration - House Keeping & Logistics -


Here are few important reasons for collaborating with Life Shapers in your personal journey of Transformation and Development.

Single Window Solution:
Life Shapers offers Integrated Scientific Healing, Training & Transpersonal Coaching solutions for under-performance, poor leadership skills, success-lack, strained-relationships, undesirable-behaviours, unknown fears, unlikeable patterns, compulsions, addictions, stress, feelings of meaninglessness and many more and also for many unexplained-pains which are otherwise not responding to medical protocols to Individuals, Families, Business Owners, Professionals, Corporates and Communities through Workshops & Training Programs, Consultations & Therapy Programs as well as through Transpersonal Coaching Programs to render its clients a complete solution in a safe environment; an environment of unconditional love and compassion that brings an opportunity to understand, realize and heal issues to objectively enrich clients lives.

Laser Focus Client Centric Sessions:
Life Shapers' Programs provides its client - to the point, no-nonsense - highly effective, enlightening - interactive, intense and a solution focused Training, Transpersonal Coaching, Consultation and a Therapy session that rewards an almost immediate Transformation through information and realization; not by advices or suggestions or lecturing. Life Shapers' Team have their laser focus on addressing clients' needs, never their own.

Value for Investment:
Life Shapers ensures Clients' take home value as it works with "time is valuable than money" ideology which keeps the entire Team on the cutting edge to work for client's highest advantage.

Essence, Total Honest Intention, Compassion and Simplicity {EthiCS} are Life Shapers' signature. Life Shapers delivers all its solutions as it would expect to receive. Life Shapers is highly vigilant about its "EthiCS" at core of delivering its solutions. There are no hidden agendas, no asterisks, and simply no compromise on "EthiCS"; it is strictly confined to deliver the purpose of all its Programs that aims at facilitating a positive change in clients' lives.

Experienced & Qualified Professionals:
Life Shapers net in a range of experienced and qualified professionals who have learnt from world renowned stalwarts, they combine together their specialties with a strong commitment to their passion and profession. All Trainers, Therapists, Consultants & Coach at Life Shapers have done years of personal work before they consider themselves to be eligible to work as helping professionals; they are here by their passion and not just to earn their livelihood. Their ability to create a nurturing, positive, and accepting environment allows clients to safely work on what they want to change in their life.

Integrated Modalities:
Life Shapers systematically integrates complex tools and concepts from various Psychodynamic modalities like Transactional Analysis, Inner Child Integration, Past Life Regression, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Gestalt, Systemic Constellation, Metaphor Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Psychocybernetics, Energy work and from timeless lessons of Success, Relationships and Leadership. All Training & Coaching modules are developed by experts to simplify complex concepts with a rigorous synthesis of highly effective tools to facilitate the required transformation and cure; that too under one roof.

Proficient Team Management:
Life shapers adapts a value based management system under direction of its founder Amit Vijay Kapadia; wherein dedicated departmentalization accepts charge of varied functions from selection to development of Trainers, Consultants, Therapists & Coaches, reviewing client's performance to handling core functions like operations, product development, branding, marketing, public relations, finance, legal and administration. Each team member works with zeal to adhere to Life Shapers' values on its mission-path.

Relationship is Foundation for Change:
Professionals at Life Shapers are compassionate; when blended with a non-advising, intuitive and a creative approach it results in to warm and a caring environment that allows you to fully and completely feel yourself. It is this nurturing relationship, which brings about a change. Life Shapers' firmly believes that except for challenges and problems faced, client retains full capacity to lead a normal life. Client is always viewed as greater as and higher than his/her problems; always having the power and the inner resources needed for change to affect the healing.

Collaborative Approach:
Life Shapers' professionals connect you to your own innate wisdom to enable you to discover your true nature and the source of the origin of your problem. Every team member at Life Shapers respects clients' intense feelings and mind dynamics, these feelings when respected give client a momentum at both conscious & unconscious levels to productively process feelings to affect a cure and then they are encouraged to become independent at the earliest.

Established Results:
Success of any organization lies in the success of its clients. Life Shapers have empowered several hundred Clients through Workshops & Training Programs, Consultations & Therapy Programs and Personal Coaching Programs to affect permanent positive outcomes in Clients various simple to highly complex issues. A separate section on this website is devoted to list real life success stories to enhance trust and understanding on how the invisibles of subconscious when resolved can raise your life to the next desired level.