Introducing Amit Vijay Kapadia

Amit is a Regression Therapist, Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker cum Trainer, Author and founder of Life Shapers, an Integrated Healing & Mind Transformation Centre for Powerful Performance, Success, Relationships & Healthy Living; instituted in 2011 with a mission to render scientific Healing, Training & Transpersonal Coaching solutions for under-performance, success-lack, poor-team building skills, poor leadership skills, strained-relationships, undesirable-behaviours, unknown fears, unlikeable patterns, compulsions, addictions, stress, feelings of meaninglessness and many more life issues and also for many unexplained-pains which are otherwise not responding to medical protocols; thus empowering generations to overcome their invisible and unknown aspects of thinking, feelings and emotions that hold them back from excelling in life. Amit encourages people just like you to live a Powerful 360° Successful Life.

Amit was born on 4th July 1975, brought up in Mumbai, India, in a lower middle class family. He is a family man fathering two children. Amit graduated in Commerce; he served as an educationist for 16 years to train thousands of students including doctors, engineers and management grads on Financial Management and Operations Research. During his years of experience in Training & Consultations Amit realized that simply by virtue of formal education, one is never ensured to achieve desired success and overall wellness. This is when Amit incidentally discovered and witnessed the manifestation powers of human mind and belief systems where subjects like Psychology, Regression, Neuroscience, Sociology and Leadership picked up his interest; thereafter he pursued further education to upgrade himself.

Amit recognized how “Life is shaped by one’s own subconscious decisions” based on an astounding fact that all our outer world success and realities are a mere reflection of our own inner world processes, beliefs, motives and decisions. Amit began his journey of personal corrections to heal his 25 years old severe Migraine headache alongside healing many other undesirable patterns in his life. Amit discovered that we fail to live our lives to our fullest potentials because we unknowingly live programs of our past so faithfully that these programs continuously tend to influence us till an extent that we believe them to be our nature or our destiny and keep living in a complete ignorance. Fortunately these programs can be changed by accessing our subconscious mind; Amit confirms that resolving one’s thinking, feelings and emotions; collectively known as invisibles; always propels one’s life to the desired next level.

Today Amit enables several hundred people to understand and resolve the vital subconscious role of emotions, feelings, thinking, behaviour, attitude, belief systems and hidden motives to outclass Human Wellness through his Workshops & Training Programs, Consultations & Therapy Programs and Transpersonal Coaching Programs to affect positive Relationships, Parenting, Health, Performance and Success in both personal and professional spectrum of life. Amit ensures that Life Shapers complies with its values, service protocols and management standards on its mission towards the vision. All activities of Life Shapers render him a sense of alignment, wholeness, joy and happiness. Amit believes in creativity, not in competition.

Amit’s Proficiency

Amit is trained Regression Therapist and a qualified I.C.F approved Coach with an exposure of his own entrepreneurial ventures that enables him to have an edge on role of human mind on performance, leadership, success, relationships, and healthy wellbeing. Amit specializes in scientifically resolving in the subconscious; one’s thinking, feelings and emotions; collectively known as invisibles in facilitating a complete cure to clients from all walks of life for issues like lack of confidence, inferiority, strained relationships, unknown fears, underperformance in career to highly complex issues like compulsions, anxieties, worthlessness, chronic immobility, migraine and many unexplained pains not responding to the medical course of surgery, steroids or medicines. Amit works with a synthesis of healing modalities and spiritual practices to integrate his continual advancement with his innate wealth of experiential insights in multiple facets of life.

Amit is a lifelong student of Inner Child Integration, Past Life Regression, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Gestalt, Family & Organizational Constellation, Metaphor Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Psychocybernetics, Energy work, Laws of Success, Emotional Intelligence, Laws of Relationships, Leadership and subjects of Spiritual orientation. Having studied under world renowned stalwarts, Amit integrates complex concepts to develop simplified yet intensive training modules for personal & professional spectrum. Amit holds memberships with various international societies and participates in research in the field of invisibles. He is a proud professional member with EARTh - one of world’s highest ranked – European Association of Regression Therapy and with several other Leadership & performance associations.

Amit’s natural talents are highest on interpersonal, logical and intrapersonal dimensions of multiple intelligence spectrums which make him a gifted healer, a psychologically-informed powerful coach, an engaging presenter and a dynamic speaker; his unique teaching and command over 4 languages leaves an ever-inspiring influence on learners.Amit’s unique skills of empathetic listening, analytical relating and a keen sense of observation empower him to establish a cause-effect relationship that functions behind a human psyche. He is well versed in his roles as a therapist and that as a coach, his natural intuitive powers combined with his profound knowledge & his experiential insights makes him proficient to decode and fix up the puzzles of inner invisible world of subconscious to result in an almost instant Transformation.

Amit’s Gratitude to Gurus

I devote this space to convey my heartfelt gratitude towards all my Gurus both Internal as well as External Gurus; I could value all my External Gurus once I began to acknowledge the lessons taught by my Internal Gurus.

My Internal Gurus:

I appreciate that our invaluable Gurus lie within us – OUR INNER WISDOM which learns from OUR EXPERIENCES comprising of challenges, knowledge and discoveries that comes through OUR OBSERVATION comprising our ability to see, hear and feel, but it would all render useless if OUR AWARENESS wouldn’t have been at place. OUR FEARS, FAILURES, TALENTS, LOVE even our FANTASIES & DAY-DREAMING render us constant opportunities to grow. I thank all of these Internal Gurus who have been instrumental to lay me on my path of achieving life purpose

My External Gurus:

There are times when I cannot directly learn what my Inner Gurus are signaling to me; sometimes I am full of self doubts encountering inner conflicts, confusions and more thus the role of all my External Gurus is simply inevitable and I thank them all – my parents & family members, my principal trainers, all my teachers & trainers, my inspirers, my clients, friends, team-members & supporters without whom the essence of my success wouldn’t have been so complete.

My Parents & Family Members

My heart gives Thanks to my parents Vijay & Niru Kapadia for giving me the courage and freedom to think and to do what I thought was the right thing to do and to my wife Namita for her continual support in letting me become who I am today. My greatest live Training Gurus are my 2 little children, Kush and Kritin who give me numerous opportunities to deepen understanding of myself and my forte. I can’t thank enough to my lovely sister Juhi who trusted my abilities above everything in her life; Juhi, I thank you for being my living inspiration. I thank my aunty Varsha Jain for her contribution in setting up Life Shaper’s library. My heart conveys deep regards to all my relatives and well wishers

My Principal Trainers

Trisha Caetano – A pioneer in Inner Child Integration and Regression Therapy, founder of International School of Inner-Child Integration, Japan who have trained psychotherapist, medical doctors and health care professionals worldwide and who have also been a former President of the European Association of Regression Therapies (EARth) has personally trained me as a Regression Therapist. I thank you my dear teacher.
Fr. George Kandathil, SJ. – Ex-Bureaucrat – Intelligence Bureau, Govt. of India, Business coach, Psychotherapist and Founder of Asha Institute, Pune, Maharashtra. He is a hard core TA practitioner and has been my radical personal coach in my crucial phase of transition. My heart roars many thanks to you.
Ajit Karve -Founder of Institute of Counselling & Transactional Analysis {ICTA}, Kochi, India. He is the man behind introducing Transactional Analysis to India in 1971 and has laid a foundation of TA in me. Resp. Father I thank you.
Dr. Jeetendra Adhiya – Founder of Institute of Counselling & Transactional Analysis {ICTA}, Kochi, India. He is the man behind introducing Transactional Analysis to India in 1971 and has laid a foundation of TA in me. Resp. Father I thank you.

Thanks to all my Teachers, Trainers and Late Dr. Subash Shah who contributed in making me capable to initiate Life Shapers to serve for Human Wellness.

My Inspirers

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is my living inspiration and my special THANKS to him for mentioning the importance of mind body soul harmony and recognizing our field of Holistic Health Care at his United Nations General Assembly Speech {UNGA} on Sunday 28th day of September 2014.

I am greatly inspired by the contributions to our field by Dr. Brian Weiss, Hans Ten Dam, Dr. John E. Sarno, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Dr. John Gottman, John Whitmore, Jonathan Passmore, Dr. Morris Netherton, John Bradshaw, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Haim Ginnott, Elizabeth Hurlock, Late Sigmund Freud, Daniel Goleman, Peter A Levine, Dr. Paul Martin, Barbara Ann Brennan, Roberto Assagioli, Allan Kardac, Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. Shakuntala Modi, Sue Allen, Athanasios Komianos, William Baldwin, Dr. Klaus P Horn, John Whittington, Bert Hellinger & many others ever joining as my inspirers…I thank them all.

My special thanks to Mr. Yuvraj Kapadia & Dr. Newton Kondaveti who are instrumental in contributing towards our field of wellness & Holistic Healing in India.

My Friends, Clients, Team-Life Shapers & Supporters

I acknowledge my Friends, Clients and all my students of Knowledge Junction for being in the journey of my realization. My sincere Thanks to my friends - Viraj Kothari for always being available in my tough times while sowing seedlings of success; Gurwinder Pabla my therapist cum intellectual discussion partner. A sincere note of thanks to my friends Kamlesh Mehta and Prasad Tawade; they are the master minds behind making true all my design and ideas. Bhagwan Kaka without whom I can’t even dream of working in my office, he is the man behind logistics; I thank you Kaka. A big special thanks to Rucha Shukla my friend cum core team member, Rucha is an iron support in actualizing Life Shapers.

Amit’s Message

“One who becomes Aware, Willing and Acts with Determination always changes the game called LIFE”.
“Life is decisional and is shaped by one’s own subconscious decisions” Resolving these unfavorable decisions of your subconscious will always transform you to raise your life to next desired level. If you aspire and have willingness to excel then Life Shapers in collaboration with you can definitely render you a solution for your unexplained pains, undesirable behaviours, compulsions, underperformance, strained-relationships, worthlessness, inferiority complex, under-confidence, unknown fears, success-lack, unlikeable repeating life patterns and many more life issues. Remember; you will need to balance and excel on all 8 facets of life encompassing Emotional, Mental & Physical Health, Relationships, Career & Occupation, Assets & Wealth creation, Spirituality and your Environment to ensure an overall wellness to live a whole, balanced and happy life.
Wishing you a truly Resolved Life!!!
- Amit Vijay Kapadia.