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Our Participant Mr. Bhushan (name changed for privacy reasons), a father of 3 year old son and 7 year daughter and participant at one of our Emotionally Sensitive Intelligent Parenting Training Program, got excellent results from the very next day of the training, as he was able to understand his Children’s emotional needs.   

One morning his son was crying immediately after waking up. All the family members immediately started scolding him to stop crying. But Mr. Bhushan, being an Intelligent Parent swiftly understood his emotional need. He sat next to him asking his son all the relevant details, his son started talking to him.

10 Minutes of effective time investment by Mr. Bhushan with his son brought him respect from his child, better connect and bonding between them. Mr. Bhushan shared with us how his wife was surprised to see him and their son together in such a matured way as she has never seen her husband attending anyone besides his tea and news papers in the morning. But post training event, this changed scenario has become everyday routine for everyone around in the home, where each member realizes the true value of respecting the child’s real needs.

He also reported us that from that day onwards the conflicts in family considering the children’s issues has been reduced drastically and the whole family enjoys better peace and harmony.

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Mr. and Mrs. Gupta attended our first relationship session when they were in to the strained courtship relationship. Through 24- Karat Relationship Training their foundation towards each other and their relationship as well as for their family has been really strong. Being a love marriage they did sailed through tough times but with greater success as they say. They have understood their roles in relationship and efficiently manage the very rare conflicts between them.

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Our Mapping Your Success Route Training participant - Mr. Abhishek, 27 year old, management graduate from Mumbai, after his graduation he worked with a bank but he got jobless not able to understand where his life was leading him. He started his new venture after attending our one day training program just a year ago. The training started giving him results as he started applying the learning and his realizations in his daily living, now he finds himself in control as he takes decisions, implements them and leads himself in the correct direction.

Mr. Raj was on a job where he used to sell financial products when he attended Mapping Your Success Route Training Program. His job responsibilities involved marketing investment products and handling the portfolios of the clients. He used to feel incomplete and experience a vacuum in his life.

During the training he understood his position on wellness wheel and how his behaviour and belief systems affected his efficiencies while performing his job responsibilities, he learnt about his damaged self concepts and traits that were not allowing him to succeed.

After two months he shared with us that he devoted 2 hour every week towards his selling skills and that his self esteem has taken a new high.

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Master Kapil, a 9th standard student, attended our Life Competencies for Teenagers Training to discover why he used to miss top three ranks in his school, despite working so hard for it. He learnt about the difference in the efforts that he was putting in, learnt about various aim setting techniques and also learnt effective ways of concentrating on goals. He now finds himself positioned in a healthy competition, more career-centric and confident through the techniques taught during the workshop. He gained independence as his parents now do not need to push him for studies. He is now self driven and self motivated, as we had last heard from him.